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Urban Counter-Insurgency  SX-IN (July 06 - July 17, 2016)
CERT Team Qualification PX-IN (July 24 - Jul 31, 2016)
READ SPECIAL NOTE BELOW!!!  This is an advanced training teaching small squad tactics in a hostile urban environment.  Based off the Special Warfare Command tactics, this is the ideal training for those who are interested in SEAL, EOD, SWCC, or other special operation communities.  Cadets will experience rapid training followed by a real-world scenario based evolution.  Beyond the normal field operations, this will be unlike anything offered elsewhere.  Cadets are expected to be in excellent mental, physical, and emotional status.  Selection is very competitive.  See www.facebook.com/usnsccucoin for more details
The Following Advanced Trainings are scheduled at Camp Atterbury for 2015.  For more information about attending these events, please contact us directly.  There are over 200 other trainings held at various bases throughout the United States.  Full details are available to cadets through the Homeport website.
This is an advanced training teaching the ability to operate as a member of a Community Emergency Response Team in a Disaster Situation. Training will focus on Rescue, First Aid, Navigation, the Incident Command System, and Hazardous Materials.
Winter Search & Rescue PQ-IN   (December 26 - January 02)
This is an advanced training teaching the ability to operate as a member of an EMS Search and Rescue Team in a Lost Person Situation.  Training will focus on Ground Search, Straight Line and Grid Navigation, Personal Survival, and K9 integration.
All Hands. The application period of 2016 is now open. 


If you do not read this in full you will be denied application. If we receive your NSCTNG001 Form or Magellan Registration and you have not followed the procedures, you WILL BE DENIED.

This is listed on Homeport as Special Operations Other "WC-IN"

Dates are July 6th - 17th.

Full application packages will be sent upon request. If you want an application, follow these details EXACTLY:

1. Send an email to ucoin@usnsccatterbury.us
2. Request an application package.
3. Make sure you indicate the full name of the cadet.
4. Make sure you indicate the full name of the unit.
5. Make sure you indicate the city and state of the unit.
6. Make sure you include an email address for the cadet.
7. Make sure you include an email address for a parent/guardian.
8. Make sure you include an email address for the unit CO.
9. If you do not include all of the above the application package will not be sent.

Application packages must be completed, returned, and received by our staff prior to May 15th.

Schedule your PRT now. The PRT for this is a specialized test unlike the one you take for RTC. 

PRT must be completed and returned prior to May 15th. 

NOTE: PRT has to be supervised by a member of the military (see form for full details). If this or the timing presents a problem your CO must contact us prior to April 20th.

This is not an easy training. If you are not physically and mentally prepared, do NOT apply.

This will be outlined one final time so it becomes “crystal” clear.

1. This is not a field operations training. This is UCOIN. If you want to know what the training is about, hit the little button on Facebook called “about”. This is not a beginners training.

2. Attention to details and ability to follow instructions are vital in the real world for which this training is modeled. As such, if you do not follow the instructions listed EXACTLY, you will most likely be met with a VERY short response. You may think it is rude, we think it is part of the training. If you don’t like short, direct, and unsweetened, this is not the training for you.

3. Do not ask a bunch of questions until you have received and fully read the application package. We all are full time members of the units who do this stuff on a daily basis, and as such we often have more pressing items to attend to rather than answer questions that are covered in the material.

4. There are two packets of material you will be sent. The first is the application package and it will give details about the training, how to apply, and generally what to expect. The second, assuming you are accepted, is the acceptance package which will give much greater detail on what you will need to bring, what is acceptable and what isn’t, and how to start preparing for training in advance.

5. You are welcome to ask questions, but please keep them relevant to the stage you are in. Once you have received the application package, we are happy to answer questions about the process, concerns, procedures for the PRT, etc. Once you have received the acceptance package we will be in very advanced communication with parents and commanding officers to make certain everyone is fully prepared and properly equipped. Every question will be answered, just please respect the process and timing. Asking if you can bring a black holster before you have even turned in the application package is definitely not respecting the process. We understand you are excited, we appreciate your enthusiasm, just take a breath and wait until it is time.

6. Due dates are listed above. Acceptance letters will be sent out shortly after the PRT deadline.

7. DO NOT ASK IF THERE ARE STILL AVAILABLE SPOTS OPEN. The answer is “no”. There are no open spots ever. All spots are competitive and will be awarded on a merit basis. DO NOT ASK about dates, costs, location, etc. These are all clearly listed.

8. Make sure you follow the details listed there EXACTLY. Before you get ready to hit "send" on the email, reread this full post!

9. This post is for cadets, parents, and officers.
If you are interesting in applying to UCOIN make certain you read the post at the bottom of this page below the video!!