United States Naval Sea Cadets - Atterbury
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In addition to providing training on a monthly basis to our unit cadets and hosting advanced trainings, the Atterbury Battalion assists other national units in providing weekend drill options for their cadets and officers.  Visiting unit Commanders can offer a variety of weekend sessions at our facility.

 A few of the more popular available trainings are listed below:
Small Arms Weapon Training
Camp Atterbury has several live fire ranges and simulators which allow us to offer training to cadets in all areas of weapons handling and marksmanship.  Use of live fire weapons require advanced notice, special releases, and an ammunition budget.  Simulator training is a very realistic and no-cost option which can be conducted year-round
HMMV Rollover Training
The "HEAT" HMMV Rollover Trainer provides a realistic simulation of how to properly escape a military Hummer in the event of a rollover.  This training is a dynamic and fun experience where the cadets get the chance to experience a training which has become vital to the survivability of our deployed troops.
Land Navigation
Land Navigation courses are provided in urban, wooded, and open field environments.
Leadership Reaction Course
The Leadership Reaction Course is a dynamic obstacle course which tests the ability of cadets to work as a team in a timed event.  Scenario based and highly challenging, the course test both mind and body.  Multiple stations exist ranging in difficulty, which makes it possible to tailor the training to all skill and age levels.
Specialized Training
Training at the Atterbury Joint Military Training Center is varied and extensive.  With proper notice, we can offer training in areas such as Rappelling, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Survival, Medical, SCUBA, Communications, Disaster Relief, IED detection, etc.  In addition, facilities are available for unit activies such as camping, hiking, or ceremonies.
If you have any question concerning listed trainings, or need something not listed, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will work with you and the local military support units to help find the best solutions for you.